Lap blanket

 Well lve been quite busy again! But all good fun!

ImageA while ago my mum was going to knit me something with some apple green yarn, (the lighter green yarn in the pic) however she decided she didn’t want to  knit with the yarn because she didn’t like the colour.  So l ended up with several balls of the apple coloured yarn.

So after finishing my last blanket, l thought l would make a simple crochet blanket to use up the wool and to keep me busy!

I am now debating whether to give this blanket to a charity auction (as how many blankets can one person own?). But l haven’t completely decided yet.

Im calling this a lap sized blanket, as its not a double sized blanket, but cosy enough to wrap around you and keep warm, it  would also sit nicely on a chair.

And here is the finished item…



It didnt take to long to put this project together, yet l think it looks quite effective.



Patchwork quilting

Possibly my biggest adventure in the craft world to date, is my first ever experience with patchwork quilting. Patchwork is something l’ve always fancied having a go at.

My husbands late grandmother made many beautiful patchwork quilts, which have been in the family for many years. My hope is that one day l will finish my quilt and it can be as treasured as the quilts my husbands grandmother made.

I haven’t touched the quilt in recent months, its been hidden away – out of sight out of mind. I previously pretty much finished the front layer, l just need to get the wadding and finish the back. Its a big learning curve, and l am quite proud that when completed it will all be hand sewn by me. Every stitch represents my blood, sweat and tears- for which there have been many!

I will admit l feel apprehensive about sewing it all together (all 3 layers), and making sure its all tight, and straight, oh and l am hoping all the stitches wont’t come undone. So  l felt l needed a break, but l am now looking at getting the needle back out.

This photo is one of the squares….



Patchwork quilting is a lot of fun, it takes a long time to complete but l think its worth the effort. Here is a pic (a rather bad pic – sorry) of some of the front layer of the quilt sewn together. Image

When l finally complete my quilt ‘challenge’ l will show you the finished result… 

watch this space….

Granny square blanket

ImageI have been learning to crochet for a little while now. I have always felt that l much preferred the look and the experience of crocheting to knitting.

Its quite good fun and addictive too. For anyone new to crochet there are some great youtube tutorials that teach you step by step, which when you are new to crochet may be more helpful than the many great books out there. A few friends have recently decided to have a go and its great being able to share my love of crochet with other enthusiasts.

I am no crochet pro – as yet, but l have big dreams in the world of crochet, and am happy to say, that l have recently finished my first Granny square blanket, which l am really happy with and it has inspired me to explore crochet at a deeper level.

I worked with two yarns, blue and green. I like the way the colours compliment each other. The colours are two of my favourite colours, – colours l enjoy working with.

I didnt use any particular pattern, once you learn how to work with granny squares, its very easy to explore and find ideas for how you want your project to look. You can be as inventive as you wish.

Working with individual squares can be quite time consuming, and joining them together even more so. But the reward of seeing your finished work, makes the hard work worth it.


Meet me

I am finally setting up a blog. This is the place l shall post all my creative inspiration and works of art to share with the world.

I hope to create many great things, l also hope blogging will inspire me to create more, and to teach myself new things.

I love to work with vibrant colours, and l love the ability to create something that will be treasured forever.