New creative challenge…

A few weeks ago… when discussing my mums birthday, my sister persuaded me that baking a birthday cake would be a good idea.

Having never baked a birthday cake – as such, before, it seemed a huge challenge but l decided that yes it might be a good idea.

So having spent a few weeks collecting together the many things l would need, and finding the right recipe for the 10 inch round cake tin l wanted to use, l was then ready for the big bake off.

Oh ,my… baking is tiring!!

I baked two sides of the Victoria Sponge, Filled with Jam and home made butter cream. I then crumb coated with a butter cream layer, and covered in fondant!

It proved no easy task. But l was happy to finish it, and l am just hoping that my mum loves her cake at our big birthday meal on Saturday.

Here is the cake….




My crochet is a bit slow at the moment. Im in the middle of a few projects, which l hope l can share with you sometime soon x


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