Crochet cushion

So here is my latest project in photos.


And here is the finished project 🙂


This is my round cushion. Which will eventually have pride of place on my bed! (first need to give the bedroom a complete revamp).

This Cushion is a very simple design. Its listed as a beginner project in the book, Cute and easy Crochet by Nicki Trench (Its a great little book and l got my copy as a Chrismas gift from my Amazon wish list). If you can handle basic stitches, then this is simple.

The hardest part seemed to be finding the round cushion pad. But l got mine from Dunelm.

This project can end up being quite pricey because you need 6 different colours and then to buy the cushion pad, but who ever said crafting was cheap!!!

I am now working on cushion number two. But this one wont be for myself , it will be for my mum, with a few more pastel shades, to suit her room. (Pics, when cushion is completed.)

On other news, l am loving the warmer days here in the UK and the sunshine between the showers. Cant wait until l can sit in the garden Crochet-ing my weekends away 🙂 Also, lm very excited because my lovely husband has got a new Camera, which will hopefully mean better photos for my blog!!

Hope your having a great weekend! xx


4 thoughts on “Crochet cushion

  1. Such a lovely cushion! This looks like a good book too – although I’m trying to reign in my craft budget at the moment so I’ll just try to resist this time I think! 😛

    • Thank you, yes l imagine you would be able to.. not quite sure how. But with some thought, l bet you would be able to. Im still a relative newbie to crochet

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