Liebster award

I am still rather new to this blogging experience, and whilst l am really enjoying it, l still have lots
to learn, so l felt honoured to be nominated for a Liebster award by knitpurl83. (who has a fab blog)

The idea of this award is to highlight blogs with under 200 followers that deserve a look.

Here’s how I hold up my end of the bargain:

1. Post eleven facts about myself.
2. Answer the questions the tagger has set and create eleven questions for the people I’ve nominated.
3. Choose eleven people (with fewer than 200 followers) to give this award to and link to them in my post.
4. Go to their page and tell them.
5. Remember, no tag backs.

My 11 facts:

I love summer (Hurry up please)
I am newly married to my best friend 🙂
I love buying new things 😉
I love learning new things which is possibly why l love creating.
My favourite colour is earthy blue.
I have been starting a diet and failing since before christmas 😦 but l will win! (3 good days in a row)
we have two adorable guinea pigs
I was home schooled for many years
lm a virgo/ perfectionist
My drink of choice is malibu
I love road trips

My answers to knitpurl83

What’s the best knitting/crochet pattern you’ve ever made something from?
Possibly my most recent creation (will post soon) which is from a lovely book called
cute and easy crochet. Its a simple circular cushion, but l plan on making more.

What’s your favourite TV Show? Not sure l have a favourite as such, but l cannot give up watching
Eastenders, also love Miranda, undatables and any easy watching

Circulars or DPNs? Havent used either (l dont think)
What’s your favourite colour? Blue
Which celebrity would you most like to punch in the face? Not sure which celebrity. Not a celeb but l ‘ll l pick David Cameron anyway
What’s your favourite childhood movie? Not an obvious choice, but l loved Oliver twist. When my mum bought me the ‘vhs’I watched it over and over again
What book would you most like to see made into a film (or greatly improved if it already is one!)? Have no idea, the books are always better anyway.
If you could teleport yourself anywhere in the world, where would it be? Some place sunny, but still with my home comforts.
What’s your favourite comfort food? Crisps, l love crisps and would choose it over chocolate.
What’s your can’t-leave-the-house-without accessory? Phone
Are you a cat or a dog person? Dogs usually

Here are my nominations: (If youve done this before or you have over 200 followers, sorry just ignore this)


cursing and crafting





Shanas Crafty corner

The hooking blog


Make me do

Anna hand knits

My Questions to the nominees…

If your a crafter what is your favourite craft website?
Where is your favourite place to be?
where do you see yourself in 5 years time?
Summer or winter?
Biggest role model?
Favourite craft?
pink or blue?
Favourite drink?
Favourite singer/artist?
What has been your best age yet?
Something your proud of?

And there we have it, its taken me ages to work through this…. 🙂


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