Lap blanket

 Well lve been quite busy again! But all good fun!

ImageA while ago my mum was going to knit me something with some apple green yarn, (the lighter green yarn in the pic) however she decided she didn’t want to  knit with the yarn because she didn’t like the colour.  So l ended up with several balls of the apple coloured yarn.

So after finishing my last blanket, l thought l would make a simple crochet blanket to use up the wool and to keep me busy!

I am now debating whether to give this blanket to a charity auction (as how many blankets can one person own?). But l haven’t completely decided yet.

Im calling this a lap sized blanket, as its not a double sized blanket, but cosy enough to wrap around you and keep warm, it  would also sit nicely on a chair.

And here is the finished item…



It didnt take to long to put this project together, yet l think it looks quite effective.



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