Patchwork quilting

Possibly my biggest adventure in the craft world to date, is my first ever experience with patchwork quilting. Patchwork is something l’ve always fancied having a go at.

My husbands late grandmother made many beautiful patchwork quilts, which have been in the family for many years. My hope is that one day l will finish my quilt and it can be as treasured as the quilts my husbands grandmother made.

I haven’t touched the quilt in recent months, its been hidden away – out of sight out of mind. I previously pretty much finished the front layer, l just need to get the wadding and finish the back. Its a big learning curve, and l am quite proud that when completed it will all be hand sewn by me. Every stitch represents my blood, sweat and tears- for which there have been many!

I will admit l feel apprehensive about sewing it all together (all 3 layers), and making sure its all tight, and straight, oh and l am hoping all the stitches wont’t come undone. So  l felt l needed a break, but l am now looking at getting the needle back out.

This photo is one of the squares….



Patchwork quilting is a lot of fun, it takes a long time to complete but l think its worth the effort. Here is a pic (a rather bad pic – sorry) of some of the front layer of the quilt sewn together. Image

When l finally complete my quilt ‘challenge’ l will show you the finished result… 

watch this space….


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